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29 March Books and the plans

Hello all,

Today the books that I ordered arrived. My mom received the "very heavy package". It is a complete student kit with books, nav. equipment etc. It also came with a real pilot carrying case, you know the once you see in the movies. It looks a bit bulky and weighs a kilo on its own but it looks professional so we'll see if I'm gonna use it. 

03 29 1The books I ordered are written by J. Pratt. A very famous guy in the UK aviation world. Now it's time to get studying!

Then now a bit more about the plans I have so far.

The goals is to get a UK private pilots license (PPL). The UK is the only country in the EU that has training facilities outside their own country, which means that I can take the training in the USA and the UK issues me a JAR PPL which allows me to fly single engine piston aircraft all over the world in VMC (visual metrological condition, basically during the day in good weather conditions). It's a basic license where you can add other ratings to. For example one for flying on instruments only, in IMC (instrument metrological condition, you can fly "blind" only relying on instruments and the air traffic controllers guidance) or you can get a commercial license, or a multiple engine license. 

The plan is to go to Wellesbourne, UK from May 28 till May 30th to take the medical examination that is also required. And while I'm there I'll take 4 theoretical exams at a nearby flight school so that I have more time in the USA to fly/relax/play the tourist. The exams will be the Human performance, Air Law, Metrology and Air craft technical. It'll be a tight schedule but it'll be well worth it.

The rest of the flight training will happen in the USA, at the American Flight Academy in San Diego to be more precise. Because I'll be done with my bachelor degree in Holland by then I'm planning to make a holiday out of it by flying to New York and then take the train to Chicago, Albuquerque and final destination San Diego. The trip would take 4 days but I planned the stops so that max duration for each leg is about 24 hours or so. The trip will be spread out over 10 days so I can start flight training at the start of October as the weather is around 24 C with clear skies hopefully. The flight training will take about 4-5 weeks and afterwards a trip to LA, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Yellowstone Park, The Grand Canyon and lastly Las Vegas. All in all a nice trip to look forward to.

I'll write again when it's time to set sail to the UK.