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6/7/8 October First lesson

During the weekend (6/7) there's not much to tell, did some groceries, studied a bit and we, the Dutchies, went out to Pacific beach to see how life is on the west coast. It was nice, only thing that sucked was they require passport ID's for clubs to get in and I didn't know that so I wasn't allowed in with just my Dutch drivers license.

On Sunday evening I got an email from my instructor to be at the school @ 9.30 on Monday and I got emails from the planning program at AAA because Brad scheduled this week for me. It works really nice. He reserves the aircraft and I know exactly when I have to be where. I just have to make sure I do the pre flight checks before the class so we don't waste time.10 6 1

On Monday it was time for my first lesson and I also planned an exam for the written communication test. It's really easy to book the exams, Martin is usually in his office and you just ask him when he's there if you can take the exam. He gives you the papers and gives you a room to write the exam in, he checks it afterwards and u get the result in a few minutes. I passed the test with 93% wohoo! Now only navigation is left!

After the test I met up with Brad and he looked over my stuff to see what gear I was missing. I bought a POH for the Cessna 172P, checklist ,fuel tester and fuel gauge. We went to the AC to teach me how to do the walk around. He showed me everything first and I got to the do the other side of the AC. It was pretty straight forward. One thing he emphasized was to check the rear under part of the AC. He would check it every time just in case some scraped the runway with it before us. If you don't report it and the next person does, you are at fault obviously. I guess that kind of damage happens once in a while. After the pre flights we went to the OPS room to have a look at my personal training plan. It is a folder with every lesson in it. He told me how the lessons are used and how they are planned. Every lesson has items that have to be covered but lessons can be done multiple times in case we can't cover all of it at that lesson. The duration of each lesson varies as well. After that we went over the fire emergencies and he gave me some homework. I have to find out the traffic pattern and the take off and landing settings of the C172. That's it for today! Tomorrow I'll be flying for real!