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17 December reexam and radio test

Finally it’s time for my re-exam. This time I only had to do the three landings and if they were good I’d pass. I was scheduled for Tuesday 18 December but the Belgium guy’s exam was canceled so I could do my retest one day earlier. On Monday the weather was horrible. I went to school anyways. I looked at the weather and there was overcast at 1000 feet with light rain. We only had to stay in the circuit for the landings so even the examiner was surprised that we had to wait until 1 pm until the weather was good enough.

I did the preflight and told Martin that I was ready. We get in and this time I had to handle the radio. He just sat there and told me what landing to make. First a normal landing, on final around 500 feet I had to do a go around, next was a flapless landing, then a short approach. The short approach was to high so I did a go around, the second one was perfect. The glide angle was spot on. Lastly I had to do a soft field landing. We taxied back to AAA and when I shut the aircraft down I got a “congratulations, welcome to the club” from Martin. Now I am a pilot! Huge smiles of course. I was pretty sure that I’d pass this time but still you never know! So it was still a big relieve that I finally passed the entire exam. After a little while I went into Martin’s office to and I got some feedback. 12 17 1

Two days after the exam I had my radio exam planned. I studied a lot for it. I didn’t really know what to expect. I used the PowerPoint slides that I got during the RT lecture given by Martin. I also used the CAP 413 UK CAA RT manual. When you are ready and go to Martin he will give you a briefing and tells you what you can expect. He then gives you an hour to prepare your route. You can write down stuff and you can take them with you in the exam. Then he takes you to a room with a computer and explains how the program works. On your simple chart with the route you have several “events” a MATZ crossing, a point where you will have a problem, a position where you are lost and u get an emergency during your flight to. The plane flies automatically and you have to make the radio calls on specific points. Martin reacts to these calls. I was told that I would have a diversion because of bad weather. But when I was at the airport I had to “land” I went all the way until a clearance to land. I thought ow well no diversion then. After a few seconds I get a radio call that the aircraft before me was blocking the runway so I had to divert anyways! It was no big deal. So when I landed on my alternative aerodrome. My door opens and he congratulates me. A very good pass was the verdict. I got a level 6 level for English so I never have to retake the test again.

After the radio test Martin prepare all the documents and he told me what it meant now that I’m part of the club and how to obtain the actual license. 12 17 2

So that’s it. I’m a pilot now with a PPL + radio license