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17 March: Test flight

The story begins

The story begins On March 17th my father, Jan and I went to Eindhoven Airport for a test flight in a Cessna 172, the same airplane that I'm planning to train in. We were welcomed and were "processed" by the soldiers as the airstrip was on the military part of the airport. I met my trainer and we went to a training room to get a pre-flight briefing. Here he explained how an airplane can move around the 3 axes.

03 17 1Unfortunately Jan couldn't go on the airplane because it would be to heavy . Then it was time to fly! We walked to the aircraft and did the walk around (pre-flight check while still on the ground to check if the prop is still attached etc. It's a bitch if it'd fall off while flying) The headsets were put on and off we went. Damn there are a lot of instruments on the dash! We took off03 17 2 North. We flew over Den Bosch and I made a few turns to the left and right etc. I WAS FLYING THE PLANE! We flew over the theme park Efteling and over a wildlife park De Beekse Bergen. Time flew by, literally and it was about time to head back to the airport. The instructor asked if we wanted to experience a touch and go (land and without stopping take off again) before making a full stop. My dad said that I should watch the instructor do it firstly and that for the full stop landing I could land it. I wish!! The landing went smoothly and I was hooked on flying! At Eindhoven airport there are many Ryanair air's Boeing 737's landing and taking off. And we in our little Cessna were right in the middle of it! The plan is now to order some books and pilot gear and get studying. The exam requires me to pas 7 theory exams, an English proficiency test and a skill test (flight with an examiner). See you next time when the books have arrived!

See you next time when the books have arrived!03 17 3