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30 September Albuquerque

Welcome back people! I'm in the train from Albuquerque to Los Angeles now and so it's time to write about the past few days. Albuquerque is a city in New Mexico. As the name implies there are a lot of Mexicans. The people look great! Most of them could come straight from a movie! The landscape is amazing.

09 30 1It is in the middle of the desert so when I got out from the train from Chicago (20 C) and stepped into the Albuquerque heat (30 C) I thought I got a stroke! I had these heavy bags with me and the station was in an isolated part of ABQ. 09 30 2 The plan was to take a taxi to the couch surfers place but when I arrived there, there were 0 taxi's around. I send a text to my host and she messaged back that I could take the bus to the university and she'd pick me up there. So I waited for the bus in the burning heat not sure where to go. I arrived at the University of New Mexico (UNM) and called Laurrane and said where I was. We met up and started walking to the house. It was about a 20 minute walk. I was "pretty" sweaty when we got to the house but we had a good talk with her and hopped in the shower right away. She told me that my original host was out to Denver and that they live there with 5 people and that they would all be kind of co-hosting me. She did warn me that they were all pretty busy especially because I arrived in the middle of their midterms. It was about 6.30 pm when I was settled in and stuff. We went out for dinner and I asked if we could go to a real Mexican restaurant. 09 30 3She said she knew one and that an ex roommate was a server her. The food was great! It was so simple, a chicken breast with a layer of cheese over it and veggies on the side. The ex roommate came over and offered us a few margarita's. He told me that he makes 2 USD per hour. That is roughly 1.8 euro per hour! We arrived at that subject after I asked him what his view was on tipping. I knew they didn't make that much but 2 USD per hour is ridiculously low. So I decided to tip some extra today and I said I would spread the word about the tipping because Dutch people generally don't tip haha, so all you Dutch people out there and non tippers, tip the US servers please.

1 October

The next day I got up after a nice sleep. This was a real couch surf. The bed was a couch which was surprisingly comfortable. 09 30 4 Anyways everyone left already when I got up, I made a plan for the day and got going. ABQ is very wide stretched and totally different then the cities I've visited before. The public transport was not that great and so it was hard to see a lot in a short time. I went to Old Town because the tourism was a little centered there. It's a little part of ABQ with a 300 year old church. There were 3 museums and there were a lot of shops that sold Mexican and Indian art. A little out of old town there was a McDonalds that sold 1 USD soft drinks AND offered free refills. After getting like 2 liters of coke for 1 buck it was time to head out and go back to the house. In the evening I asked a roommate where there was a supermarket nearby. She goes oww, I was going to go there right now! Perfect! We went and we had a nice time. We got our stuff and she introduced me to green chilly cheese bagels. They are terrific! She had to go to the library afterwards and I went home. After I got home Lauranne asks me if I got her text. They didn't know where she was hehe, they joked that I killed her or something haha. It was pretty funny. Couch surfing all the way!!09 30 8

2 October

Today's the day that it was time to get on the train to LA and SD afterwards. One more day until I'm going to the flight school that I've been planning for about 5 months! I was very excited but on the other hand I knew I had to study some more on navigation. So I took the day to relax and study. So there's not so much to tell about that. @ 3 pm I got a taxi to the train station and right as I get into the station and sat down in the waiting room the train pulls in. Ha! I get my stuff on the train and went to a pizza place to get some late lunch and then it was off to the train.09 30 7

The landscape is gorgeous right now. There are mountain formations with trees on top of it. Some walking stakes (cows) are standing in the pasture and here and there you can find some lonely horses. The sun is setting and colors the rocks dark red. Now it's time to get and dig into those bagels with some tuna salad! See ya next time, keep your finger crossed I won't crash anytime soon!