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27 September The Windy City

Soo by now I made my way to Chicago. I arrived at 9 am. I dropped my luggage off at the luggage lockers and I went to the city. I had no idea what to do in Chicago because I didn't do any preparations besides making a planning how to go from the Union station to Midway airport in Burbank where I'd be picked up by my host.

09 29 1I just walked around downtown until I came across a nice park. I found out later that this was millennium park. Aaron had given me 6 bagels to deliver to a girl in Chicago. I'd meet her at the corner of the park. We met up, did the bagel drop and she invited me out for Saturday evening. I never hear from her again haha, she must have thought, hmm I got the bagels now, F you! Haha. I walked around the park a little and found this oddly shaped mirror. 09 29 3I took a few pics and had some fun with it. Then it was time to move on to another part of the park where there were a lot of different flowers. I'm not that interested in those so I just skipped those. Around 3 I had to go grab my stuff from the lockers at union station because it was time for me to take the train to my host. I knew she was super busy and I was a bit nervous of what to expect. The first challenge was moving the bags from Union station to quincy subway station and up the stairs to take the orange line to Midway airport. There was a detour going on near Union station so I had to carry my bags around longer then first expected. Anyways, it all went fine. Got to the airport and waited for Bonny, my host, to arrive. We met up talked a little and put my suitcase in the back of a pickup truck! How American can it get I ask you! We took out tai food because I was starving and Bonny is a really nice person. The other great thing was the place I was going to sleep. It was a mancave! It had a bar and A LOT of vodka! I was so tired I took a quick shower and passed out in a few minutes.09 29 10


The house was 6 blocks away from Cicero avenue where the bus stop was. If I wanted a ride I had to get up a 7 am so that Bonny could give me a lift. So that meant I had to take an early leak today! I decided to not waste my day and get up early! Before I knew it I was in Chicago. I wandered around a bit, visited the beach, walked on the high street and tasted some deep dish pizza. This pizza is from Chicago and it has a stuffed bottom. Very jummy of course. I realized I forgot my dad's mp3 player that I needed to record cockpit audio for when I'm flying. So I found a bestbuy at the Hancock tower, which is one of the most famous and distinct buildings in Chicago, and looked for an mp3 player. Surprise surprise they didn't have the once I needed anymore, they were too old, the new models don't have a line in anymore :(. Anyways I didn't go to the observatory but I'm sure it would have been a great view from up there with this beautiful weather!09 29 8

Ow yea when I walked back from the navy pier these 3 ladies walk in front of me of which 2 of them are talking on the phone and the third one tells them "you're no fun, I can just as well talk to this guy here". And as a good American she to started talking to a complete stranger, me! We talked for 15 minutes or so, it was very funny. At the end she asked my name and shook my hand and that was another experience I have from those "weird" Americans

Bonny told me to go to the navy pier. That was a very good tip! I walked over and got a great view from the city and Lake Michigan. It was also very windy there but I definitely recommend anyone to go there! It was getting dark and I had a final stop to make. The big fountain in grand park. It's a nice view but not that special as I imagined it. On the way home, it was 8 pm by now and of course there was a detour planned on the orange line :S. I made it back to midway airport only to find out that the bus I was suppose to take was not running this late anymore. There was only a bus that brought me half way or so. 2 options, take a taxi or walk. I decided to walk. I had been walking the whole day in Chicago and now this 45 minute walk was a little much on my feet and they started protesting. Found my way back, took a quick shower and went to dreamland.


6.00 am! OMG that's early after such an intensive day in the city! Bonny had to go work early again and I needed a lift to the bus stop. She made me a sandwich and gave me a coke and we said our goodbyes at the bus stop. Thanks Bonny! My feet were still not that great so it took some afford to get the bags to Union station. The detour on the orange line was still active :(. That's my luck! Anyways I make it to union station, drop off my bags and go to the nearest McDonalds. Went on the internet and observed a homeless person across the street. I got to say, McDonalds is a good place for a tourist to be haha. It has cheap drinks (1 USD any size drink you want), okay food for okay prices, free internet and clean bathrooms! I stocked up on some bagels again and walked back to Union station. I got on the train, the southwest chief! I had to carry my bags up a very narrow corridor and it sucked! Once I was at the upper level I found out that the luggage racks above the seats were to small for my big suitcase. After a while I found a place where I could drop it. In the meantime I had cut myself on my arm somewhere. Now I'm just chilling here. The landscape consisted of a lot of farmland with corn on it. So that'll be it for now!09 29 409 29 9