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Hi there, I'm Leo. I live in a little village near Boxmeer. I'm born in 1988. My two main hobbies are aviation and first aid. Both are not your usual hobbies but I like them a lot. First aiding involves getting and keeping valid you first aid license. In order to do that I go to repeat evenings at the local first aid club and practice and learn new first aid techniques. The most fun is when I'm at the first aid post at various events. Usually you can find me at concerts or volleyball events. I'll start a blog of the, sometimes unusual, situations I get in.


That's me on the left by the way @ the Eindhovense Motorvliegen club. Which brings me to the other activity I put a lot of time in. Right now I'm preparing to travel to the US to get my PPL (private pilot license). I'm studying for the exams and I'm looking into the possibilities for flying when I am back in Holland again. I'm orientating on taking part in an aircraft share at the KLM Aero club in Lelystad where they are purchasing a brand new Aquila a210 2 person 100 horse power Verly Light Aircraft.

This page is primairly meant for me to write down my thoughts and memories in these two hobbies for me to read back later and to give information for people who are interested in them as well. Enjoy reading and you can email me: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. if you have any questions